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Keswick Wooden Garden Arbour

Constructed from pressure treated softwood, the Keswick wooden garden arbour will look amazing in a wide range of outdoor settings. Features a curved open roof, curved back and open lattice side.

£365.00 *

Jaipur Wooden Arbour

With an eastern influenced design, the Jaipur wooden arbour looks truly wonderful. Manufactured from pressure treated softwood it features an open slatted roof combined with lattice trellis work.

£399.00 *

Victoria Wooden Arbour

The Victoria wooden arbour will provide a valuable seating area to your garden space. With an arched roof combined with open lattice work it will add a touch a class and style to your home.

£399.00 *

St Tropez Steel Pergola | Garden Sun Canopy

The St Tropez retractable roof pergola will provide a great outdoor entertaining area. Features a shower proof fabric canopy that can be removed for winter storage.

£395.00 *

Tenbury Wooden Garden Arbour

The Tenbury wooden arbour will provide a timeless focal point to your garden. Designed for comfort, it features a solid back, open lattice sides and a pressure treated timber construction.

£490.00 *

Party Arbour

The Party arbour features a hinged lift up seat and sides that fold out to create tables for placing food on whilst cooking. With a curved pitched roof and lattice work to the back, it will provide a stunning focal point to your garden.

£535.00 *

Balmoral Wooden Arbour

The Balmoral wooden arbour will add a whole new dimension to your garden. Features an open slatted roof, angled seat back, open trellis work and a pressure treated timber construction. 

£540.00 *

Winchester Wooden Garden Arbour

The Winchester wooden garden arbour will enhance any outdoor space. Features a lift-up seat with storage compartment, a metal roof and a pressure treated softwood construction.

£549.00 *

Latina Aluminium Pergola | Garden Sun Canopy

Free standing aluminium pergola finished in a gun metal grey powder coated paint with a retractable shower proof polyester fabric canopy for the ultimate in shade control. Perfect for creating that cool comfortable outdoor dining area.

£510.00 *

Dartmouth Swing Seat

The Dartmouth Swing Seat is ideal for any garden location. The arbour features a pitched roof and trellis sides making it the perfect spot to relax outdoors.

£680.00 *

Venetian 4x3 Aluminium Pergola & Garden Sun Canopy

The Venetian 4x3 aluminium pergola and sun canopy is a great choice for any homeowner looking to get the maximum enjoyment from their garden. Features a retractable canopy roof, modern design and sturdy construction making it great value for money.

£658.00 *

Haven Corner Arbour

The Haven corner arbour is the perfect addition for any patio or garden. Features a pitched roof and solid back combined with metal inserts for added aesthetic appeal.

£775.00 *

Sienna Wooden Patio Pergola | Garden Sun Canopy

Sienna wall mounted wooden pergola with retractable roof will provide protection from the sun and light showers. Manufactured from pressure treated timber, it features a removable canopy for winter storage.

£999.00 *

Verona Wooden Pergola | Garden Sun Canopy

High quality free standing wooden pergola with a retractable canopy that is designed to provide protection from the sun and light showers. Features removable fabric for winter storage and a sturdy pressure treated timber frame for extra durability.

£1,080.00 *

Eaton Summerhouse 7 x 7

The Eaton 7 x 7 summerhouse is well suited to a wide range of locations thanks to the simplistic design. Manufactured to exacting standards, the structure features an overhanging roof, large double doors and a tongue and groove floor. Supplied in a dipped honey brown finish.

Currently Unavailable

£1,199.00 *

Arley Summerhouse 7x7

The Arley 7x7 summerhouse features a traditional pitched roof design coupled with double doors, 2 opening windows and a veranda. Perfect for use as a hobby room or wonderful covered seating area for entertaining friends and family.

Currently Unavailabe

£1,436.00 *

Economist Wooden Garden Gazebo | 3.4m x 3.4m

The Economist Wooden Garden Gazebo is great value for money. Providing ample amounts of shade and shelter it will create the perfect outdoor entertainment space.

Prices From £1,750.00 *

Tourist Wooden Garden Gazebo | 3.4m x 3.4m

The Tourist Wooden Garden Gazebo has a pitched roof to provide shade and shelter to the user whilst with open sides maintain an open plan look. Available in a choice of roofing material.

Prices From £1,880.00 *

Gainsborough Wooden Garden Gazebo

The Gainsborough Wooden Garden Gazebo has a mix of trellis and solid infill panels which can be constructed in a variety of combinations to create an individual appearance. 

£1,765.00 *

Classico Wooden Garden Gazebo | 4.3m x 4.3m

The Classico Wooden Gazebo is perfect for any garden location and will create a stunning covered seating area. It features a pitched roof, open sides and a pressure treated timber construction.


Prices From £2,115.00 *

Excellent Modern Gazebo | 5.92m x 3.4m

The Excellent Modern Gazebo has a shallow pitch roof and pressure treated timber construction. It measures 5.92m x 3.4m making it suitable for numerous practical uses within the outdoor environment. 

Prices From £2,280.00 *

Grande Wooden Garden Gazebo | 4.9m x 2.9m

The Grande Wooden Garden Gazebo has a large pitched roof and open sides. Constructed to exacting standards it will form a stunning focal point to any outdoor space. Available in a choice roofing material.

Prices From £2,050.00 *

Anja Log Cabin | 2.95m x 2.0m

The Anja Log Cabin is a small and compact garden building that is the ideal alternative to a traditional storage shed or can be utilised as a summerhouse for use as a relaxation space. Features 28mm wall logs and half glazed double access doors.

Prices From £2,265.00 *

Large Modern Gazebo | 4.55m x 4.55m

The Large Modern Gazebo measures 4.55m x 4.55m and features a shallow pitch roof design. It forms a large garden canopy making it the ideal location for entertaining, relaxation or covered seating location. 

Prices From £2,576.00 *

Superior Wooden Garden Gazebo | 5.9m x 3.4m

The Superior Wooden Garden Gazebo is a large structure that features a pitched roof and sturdy timber uprights to create a great covered outdoor seating area. Supplied in a self build kit, the gazebo is available in a choice of roofing materials.

Prices From £3,675.00 *

Daniel Corner Log Cabin | 2.6m x 2.6m

The Daniel Corner Log Cabin kit is an excellent garden building that allows you to maximise the use of your outdoor space at a competitive price. Features 28mm wall logs, 2 x opening windows and available to buy online in a choice of roof coverings.

Prices From £2,675.00 *

Kreta Modern Larch Gazebo | 3.65m x 3.65m

The Kreta Larch Gazebo features a modern pent roof design and sturdy posts making it strong, robust and durable. Suitable for any outdoor location where shade and shelter is required it is available to buy online in a choice of roof coverings.

Prices From £2,725.00 *

Waldemar Wooden Gazebo | 3.5m x 3.5m

Constructed from 28mm wall timbers, the Waldemar Wooden Gazebo is a great addition to any garden. The gazebo features side panels for privacy and has a pitched roof design making it perfect for outdoor entertaining whatever the weather.

Prices From £2,649.00 *

Barbara Wooden Gazebo | 3.5m x 3.5m

The Barbara Wooden Gazebo features a flat roof and 28mm thick side panels making it ideal for any outdoor setting. Offering shade, shelter and protection from the wind this great value garden structure is excellent value for money.

Prices From £2,740.00 *

George Log Cabin & Veranda | 3m x 2.6m

The George Log Cabin with Veranda is an attractive and versatile garden building that features an extended covered roof section that provides shade and shelter making it perfect for spot for relaxation, outdoor entertainment and alfresco dining.

Prices From £2,780.00 *

Oriental Wooden Pagoda

Ideally suited to a Japanese styled gardens, this 6 sided wooden garden gazebo creates a wonderful focal point that will form a stunning centre piece to your garden. Manufactured using FSC sourced pressure treated softwood for superior levels of durability.

£2,525.00 *

Mika Log Cabin | 3.8m x 3m

The Mika Log Cabin is a traditional garden building that features 28mm thick wall logs, shallow pitched roof, single access door and 2 x opening windows making it suitable for a variety of applications around the garden.

Prices From £2,930.00 *

Samos Larch Gazebo | 4.9m x 2.9m

The Samos Larch Wooden Gazebo kit is stylish, affordable and practical making it a great addition for any outdoor setting where the provision of a fixed garden canopy would prove beneficial.  Available with quality roof shingles in a choice of colours.

Prices From £2,550.00 *

Extremo Wooden Gazebo | 5.5m x 5.5m

The Extremo Wooden Gazebo will create a large outdoor dining area thanks to the open plan design and pitched roof. Offering great levels of shade and shelter, the gazebo is constructed from pressure treated timber for enhanced durability and protection from the weather.

Prices From £3,080.00 *

Syros Larch Gazebo | 4.3m x 4.3m

The Syros Larch Gazebo is a large garden structure that will make a bold statement to any space. Suitable for entertaining and relaxation this quality wooden gazebo kit has a solid boarded roof, sturdy support posts and optional roof shingles.

Prices From £2,590.00 *

Brenda Log Cabin Gazebo | 5.25m x 2.75m

The Brenda Log Cabin Gazebo is a modern design which combines a storage space with covered seating area making it a practical solution for any space. Features 28mm wall logs, double doors for easy access and can be built with the cabin on the left or right side.

Prices From £3,405.00 *

Chappo Gazebo Log Cabin | 5.98m x 3.0m

The Chappo Gazebo Log Cabin features 28mm thick wall logs and measures 5.98m x 3.0m making it ideal for medium to large gardens or outdoor settings. Supplied untreated, the gazebo can be installed with the cabin on the left or right depending on your requirements. 

Prices From £3,230.00 *

Stig Log Cabin Gazebo | 5m x 3m

The Stig Log Cabin Gazebo features a flat roof, double doors and two opening windows. With a versatile design this great value garden structure will prove a real benefit to any property owner looking to get the most from their available garden space whilst retaining an affordable price.

Prices From £4,045.00 *

Dellinger Gazebo Log Cabin | 6m x 3m

The Dellinger Log Cabin Gazebo measures 6.0m x 3.0m making it perfect for a variety of outdoor locations around the garden. Features a large canopy which is perfect for outdoor seating together with smaller log cabin with double doors for easy access. 

Prices From £3,399.00 *

Corfu Larch Gazebo | 5.9m x 3.4m

The Corfu Larch Gazebo is suitable for any residential and commercial location. Offering great value for money this timeless wooden gazebo benefits from a shingle roof option, sturdy construction and will provide shade, shelter and privacy whatever the weather.


Prices From £2,960.00 *

Ultimo Wooden Garden Gazebo | 6.94m x 4.44m

The Ultimo Wooden Gazebo is the biggest rectangular design available and therefore suited to large gardens. The gazebo kit features a pressure treated timber construction, open sides and is available to buy online in a choice of roof covering.

Prices From £3,290.00 *

Mega Modern Log Cabin Gazebo | 5.75m x 3m

The Mega Modern Log Cabin Gazebo has a sleek modern design, 28mm interlocking wall logs, side storage shed and measures 5.75m x 3m making it both stylish, practical and suitable for most residential garden locations.

Prices From £4,280.00 *

Ove Log Cabin Gazebo | 5.9m x 3m

The Ove Log Cabin Gazebo is an excellent garden building with a versatile design that is suitable for many residential locations. With a pitched roof design, double doors and a choice of roof coverings, this stunning design is simply great value for money.

Prices From £4,210.00 *

Arne Log Cabin | 4.5m x 3.5m

The Arne Log Cabin is manufactured using 28mm wall logs for strength and stability. Measuring 4.5m x 3.5m this great value garden building is ideal for use as a home office. With double doors and 4 windows the internal space is bright and spacious and will make a great working environment.

Prices From £3,625.00 *

Daisy Log Cabin | 3.5m x 2.5m

The Daisy Log cabin measures 3.5m x 2.5m making it perfectly suited to most size gardens and will make an excellent home office or summerhouse. With a reduced height ridge under 2.5m, the cabin features 40mm thick wall logs combined with double glazing to the windows and doors.

Prices From £3,770.00 *

Marit Wooden Garden Gazebo | 4m x 4m

The Marit Wooden Garden Gazebo features 45mm side panels making it second to none in terms of strength and practicality. With a large internal space, pitched roof design and solid walls it provides excellent levels of privacy and protection from the elements.


Prices From £4,170.00 *

Kennet Log Cabin Gazebo | 5m x 3m

The Kennet Log Cabin Gazebo is constructed from 28mm thick wall timbers for optimum levels of strength and rigidity whilst retaining an affordable price. Features a pitched roof design, opening windows, double doors, and a choice of felt roof shingles in a choice of colours.

Prices From £4,329.00 *

Konstantin Log Cabin Gazebo | 5m x 3.4m

The Konstantin Wooden Gazebo is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for shade, shelter and privacy within their garden. The gazebo has an interlocking 40mm thick wall construction for superior levels of strength and performance.


Prices From £4,040.00 *

Sandringham Wooden Garden Gazebo

The Sandringham Wooden Garden Gazebo will provide a relaxing seating area or create a stunning focal point to any outdoor space. With a pressure treated timber construction combined with lattice work and solid boards it is great value for money.

£3,115.00 *
*excludes Scotland, Wales, SY, NP, TR, PL, TQ, EX, & TA Postcodes as a delivery surcharge will be applicable (contact us for prices prior to ordering).
1 - 50 of 54 results

Buy Garden Structures Online

We have a range of wooden garden structures to buy online that have been designed to provide a unique and visually appealing way of increasing the look of your garden. When combined with complementary planting, the overall design of the garden can be increased significantly leading to a much more inviting space in which to spend time outdoors.


Modern and Traditional Styles

Available in a range of modern and contemporary designs, we are sure to have the correct wooden garden structure to meet your requirements. So if it is a modern take on a wooden pergola such as the Apollo or a traditional design such as the Bowed Wooden Walkway, you can rest assured we will be able to supply you with a design to suit all tastes and garden designs.


High Quality Construction

Sourced from many leading UK manufacturers, our range of quality wooden garden structures are constructed to exacting standards FSC certified pressure treated timber so as to ensure longevity of the product and to provide high levels of protection against decay.


Simple to Assemble

Supplied in a self build kit, all our garden structures requires DIY skills to erect. Requiring no specialist tools, all the timbers are pre cut to length meaning no costly mistakes can occur.