Garden Structures to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Garden Structures to Enhance Your Lifestyle


The next time you are looking to make improvements to your home, don’t automatically think of the inside only. Remember there is a whole new space outside in the garden that is suitable for a whole range of garden structures that are sure to enhance your lifestyle.

With this in mind be sure to consider some of the following garden structures the next time you are looking to invest in your home so as to improve the usability of your garden to its maximum potential.


Garden Gazebos

wooden garden gazebo is the perfect addition to any garden that is large enough to house the structure. Available in a vast array of stunning designs in both modern and traditional styles, the addition of this form of garden structure will create a covered area that is perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities including alfresco dining, children`s play area or simple relaxation space.

Featuring a solid roof that can be covered with a choice of roofing materials including standard roofing felt or the more visually pleasing felt roof shingles, the design of a gazebo ensures that shade is provided on hot sunny days whilst ensuring protection from the rain on our all too frequent rainy days.







If you are short on space inside the home but cannot afford the addition of an extension to your home, then one of the most overlooked affordable solutions is the addition of a wooden summerhouse. Supplied in a self build kit, the structure requires no specialist skills to build as all the parts will be sent pre cut to length meaning you will more than likely be able to erect the building yourself in only a couple of days saving you money off having to pay expensive builders charges.

Available in an endless selection of sizes, a wooden summerhouse will make the perfect home office, hobby room or simply provide additional space to store household items.


Summerhouses & Log Cabins



Wooden Pergolas

wooden pergola makes the perfect addition to any existing seating area and can help to turn the space into a tranquil and private space for all members of the household to enjoy. Available in both freestanding designs and wall fixed styles, the vertical posts support horizontal timbers that add height and structure to your garden and can prove the prefect structure for training climbing plants to grow up that over time form a soft floral canopy of the space.


Dragon Pergola    Pergolas



Garden Arbours

Create a private seating area with the addition of a stunning wooden garden arbour. Supplied in a wide variety of sizes and designs, the addition of a comfortable seating area in your garden will allow you to sit, relax and take in the view of the garden or to even take advantage of any views beyond.


Arbours    Winchester Wooden Garden Arbour