What to Consider When Buying a Wooden Gazebo Kit for the Garden


A wooden gazebo will undoubtedly bring many benefits to the way you use your garden. Not only will it transform the gardens appearance, but it will also allow you to get the maximum use from the outdoor space throughout the year. In fact, in recent times we have seem a large surge in demand for wooden gazebo kits as property owners look to improve their current homes rather than moving up the ladder as they provide a great additional space for entertainment at the fraction of the cost of an extension. So, with this in mind how do you choose a design that will suit your space, budget and lifestyle.


Wooden Gazebo Designs


Consider the Material

When you think of a gazebo, your first thought maybe of a flimsy pop-up shelter with canvas sides, a thin metal framework and an unstylish appearance however this could not be further from the truth. Modern gazebo designs have evolved over the years to become a thing of beauty that will last for many years once erected. The main material of choice is now softwood combined with a felt shingle roof. Softwood is the preferred choice as it can be pressure treated to prevent rotting, is strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye making it perfect for continuous exposure to the UK weather. In addition to this we are also seeing an increasing trend for larch timber as it will over time age to give the appearance of oak at a fraction of the price.


Roof Coverings

Modern wooden gazebo kits are now manufactured to high standards and in order to keep them weatherproof numerous roof coverings have become available. For pitched roof designs, the cheapest option is to cover the roof with traditional felt however this is not very pleasing to the eye. In comparison, roofing grade felt shingles will create a tiled effect at a fraction of the weight. Additionally, because shingles are available in a choice of colours it is easy to blend the structure in with the surroundings or to match it with your tastes.

If you would prefer a flat roof gazebo, coverings such as roof felt, EPDM membranes and other similar materials are also a great choice to create a waterproof the roof at a very affordable price.

Felt shingle roof colours

EPDM roof installed to gazebo


Sizes and Designs

Wooden gazebos are now available to buy in many sizes and designs to suit virtually an outdoor space. From a small and compact designs to large and spacious options your choice is only really limited by the available space and your allotted budget.

Pitched Roof – These are a great freestanding structure that have support posts, open sides and allow for the maximum use of the internal space.

Gazebo with Side Panels – These are a popular option as they provide privacy from neighbours and offer protection from the wind.

Flat Roof Designs – These designs offer a modern appearance and have a reduced height ensuring they have minimal visual impact on a given space.


wooden gazebo with sides and a flat roof


Pitched roof gazebo


Think Customisation

Many property owners choose to buy a basic gazebo kit then customise it to suit their given needs. Painting the timber to a colour that matches your gardens design is a cheap and easy option. So is the addition of lighting. For more elaborate customisation ideas, people can clad the sides with timber, add handrails, install glass screens, or even add windows to allow light to enter the space. With customisation you are only really limited by your own design ideas.


Customised gazebo designs


Waldemar gazebo with painted finish and curtains


If you would like to find out what options are available, you can take a look at our choice of wooden gazebo designs within our online shop or for help and advice choosing the most appropriate option to suit your needs feel free to email sales@gazebodirect.co.uk and we will be happy to offer support.