Installation Considerations

Adding a high-quality garden structure such as a gazebo, summerhouse, or log cabin will provide lots of benefits to the property owner regarding style, design, usability and practicality. However, it would be best to consider several things before purchasing or installing the structure.

Martic Log Gazebo
Grande Gazebo Frame


With this in mind, here at Gazebo Direct, we have detailed the main factors that you should consider:

  • Type 
  • Size 
  • Position


What Type of Garden Structure?

Regardless of the type of garden structure you want, you must select a design appropriate to your requirements regarding the finished appearance. Only some of our garden buildings will suit all garden designs.


Buckingham Wooden Garden Gazebo Design


For example, suppose you have a modern or regimented garden design and want to enhance it. There is no point in spending lots of money on a traditional summerhouse or gazebo as it will not blend well with the space. In these instances, something with clean lines and a simple shape, such as the Mega Modern Log Cabin or the Grande Wooden Garden Gazebo, would benefit more. Likewise, if you have a traditional cottage garden, don’t go for simple modern designs, as they will not blend with the existing aesthetic appeal of the garden. We believe products like the Sandringham Gazebo or Arne 28mm Log Cabin will work well. In some cases picking the most appropriate design for your garden may have to be a compromise; however, if you look through our range of products, we are confident you will find something suitable in only a few clicks. 


What Size Garden Structure Required?

Depending on the size of your garden, patio or terrace, we have lots of options available for you to choose from. However, when picking the size, make sure that the design you like will fit into the space you have open otherwise, you might find you have made an expensive mistake. For this reason, we suggest you carefully measure the area at least twice. An even better solution is to mark out the footprint of the building on the ground, as this will give an excellent visual reference to how the structure may influence the space.


Superior wooden gazebo used to cover a patio and hot tub


Popular Designs

To aid your purchasing decision, we have detailed some of our most popular structures suitable for different size gardens.


Small Gardens


Medium Size Gardens


Large Gardens


Where is the Structure to be Positioned?

Whether you plan on erecting a summerhouse in the corner of the garden or would prefer to create a focal point in the centre of your garden, it is essential to consider how the size and design will fit in with its intended location. If the structure is close to your property, ask yourself if it will block light from entering the house. If the answer is yes, this may have a detrimental impact on the internal occupants of these rooms.Likewise, if you have a large garden, ask yourself will the structure be easily accessible from your house. Too far away, you may find that you do not use the building to its full potential.


Classico gazebo installed close to a house wall


Will it Screen the View of the Neighbours?

If neighbours overlook you, is there a solution that will help to improve your privacy when using the space? For example, some of our pavilions, such as the Konstantin, Waldemar, and Dellinger designs, have solid side walls and an open front which screens the view from behind whilst maintaining an open aspect to the front elevation of the building.

Ultimo Wooden Gazebo
Grande timber gazebo with modified back walls


What Direction is the Prevailing?

If you live in an area exposed to high winds, consider whether it is practical to install a garden building in the first place. Several solutions for these kinds of installations are available, including bolt-down anchors and ground spikes designed to securely fix the structure to the ground.


Waldemar log gazebo with solid side walls for privacy


Is it Close to the Boundary of your Property?

If the answer to this is yes, pay careful attention to the structure's height; otherwise, you could break local planning laws.


Superior gazebo close to boundary


Will Trees Block Light from Reaching the Garden Building?

Consider how much light will get into the building if it is close to large trees. Furthermore, you may also find that a build-up of moss and lichen appears on the roof of the structure, which can look unsightly if left untreated.