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Browse a stunning range of wooden arbours that will charm and character your garden while creating a comfortable seating area. Available in a range of designs to suit all spaces, adding a wooden arbour will encourage you to spend more time outdoors. Ideally suited to growing plants up to form a floral canopy under which you can sit and relax, the addition of this form of garden structure is both practical and affordable for all.

A Range of Easy to Assemble DIY Wooden Garden Arbour Kits

We offer various modern and traditional wooden garden arbour designs to suit all outdoor spaces. From a simple open-backed design to a large corner arbour, we will have a product to suit all tastes and requirements. Whatsmore, as they feature minimal parts, they are simple to build as they are delivered as a self-build kit, complete with a fittings pack and simple-to-follow instructions for added convenience.

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Keswick Wooden Garden Arbour

The Keswick Wooden Garden Arbour features a curved open roof, curved back, and open lattice sides. It is constructed from pressure-treated softwood and will look amazing in various outdoor settings. 

£340.00 *
Original Price £365.00
You save £25.00

Jaipur Wooden Arbour

The Jaipur Wooden Arbour has an eastern-influenced design and looks truly fantastic. It is manufactured from pressure-treated softwood and features an open-slatted roof combined with lattice trellis work.

£335.00 *
Original Price £399.00
You save £64.00

Victoria Wooden Arbour

The Victoria Wooden Arbour will provide a valuable seating area for your garden space. An arched roof combined with open lattice work will add class and style to your home.

£320.00 *
Original Price £399.00
You save £79.00

Tenbury Wooden Garden Arbour

The Tenbury Wooden Arbour will provide a timeless focal point to your garden. It is designed for comfort and has a solid back, open lattice sides and pressure-treated timber construction.

£490.00 *

Party Arbour

The Party Arbour features a hinged lift-up seat and sides that fold out to create tables for placing food on whilst cooking. A curved pitched roof and latticework to the back will provide a stunning focal point to your garden.

£535.00 *

Balmoral Wooden Arbour

The Balmoral Wooden Arbour will add a whole new dimension to your garden. It has a slatted roof, angled seat back, open trellis work and pressure-treated timber construction.

£535.00 *

Winchester Wooden Garden Arbour

The Winchester Wooden Garden Arbour will enhance any outdoor space. It has a lift-up seat, storage compartment, metal roof, and pressure-treated softwood construction.

£549.00 *

Dartmouth Swing Seat Arbour

The Dartmouth Swing Seat is ideal for any garden location. The arbour features a pitched roof and trellis sides, making it the perfect spot to relax outdoors.

£680.00 *

Haven Wooden Corner Arbour

The Haven Corner Arbour is the perfect addition to any patio or garden. It has a pitched roof, solid back, and metal inserts for enhanced aesthetic appeal.

£775.00 *
*Certain locations will incur a carriage surcharge - Refer to the delivery information section within the product description for exclusions (contact us for prices prior to ordering if this applies to your location).