Buying Guide

Buying Guide


A Guide to Buying Garden Strucutres Online


Whilst a timber garden structure such as a gazebo, log cabin, summerhouse or any other similar product will undoubtedly enhance your garden it is essential that you consider the installation implications prior to placing your order. It is easy to underestimate the size of the products we sell therefore always check the item will fit into the space you have as mistakes at the planning stage can prove costly, time consuming and inconvenient.

We therefore recommend that you pay particular attention to the following aspects.

  • Size
  • Design
  • Practicality
  • Location
  • Competency level of the installer



If the available space within your garden or outdoor location is pretty big then the size of the structure probably won`t play such an important role in your purchasing decision. However where space is limited or you need maximise the use of the space, it is important you consider several aspects in relation to size. We therefore suggest that you ask yourself these questions.

Will it fit? If you are unsure how a gazebo, pergola or log cabin will fit into the space or if you need to install the structure into a limited amount of room we recommend marking out the footprint on the ground to check it will fit (make sure you make an allowance for any roof overhang or components that extend beyond the ground footprint).  

Is there enough room inside? If you have a specific space requirement internally (for example if you need to cover a hot tub or need to house a large table) we suggest you double check all sizes prior to making a purchase to ensure everything you require will fit comfortably inside.

Do i need planning permission? Whilst the majority of our garden buildings and timber products do not need planning permission there are some cases where this will be required. Unfortunately we are unable to offer advice regarding planning issues however if in any doubt speak to your local council who will be able to offer advice.


Gazebo used as a hot tub canopy



Within our online store we have lots of different products for you to choose from. Available in modern and traditional styles to suit a variety of settings please remember that when making your decision it is important that you choose the right product to suit the existing space and design. Just because something is the right size does not necessarily mean it will enhance your gardens overall aesthetic appeal.



Let`s face it, there is simply no point in spending lots of money on an expensive garden structure if it is never going to be used to its full potential. For this reason consider how you plan on using the space and try to find a product to match this. For example if you need just need somewhere dry to store your garden accessories why not look at our range of cheap summerhouses. In comparison if the structure will get a high level of use a heavier duty log cabin would prove a more cost effective investment.


gazebo internal space



One often overlooked factor when choosing a wooden gazebo, log cabin kit or summerhouse is the location where the structure will be built. However, failing to make the required checks at this stage can lead to knock on problems to the rest of the garden. For this reason consider the following:

  • How much light might be lost to other parts of the garden?
  • Is it exposed to high winds?
  • Is the ground suitable to provide support?
  • Is it in a location convenient to the house or pathway?


Competency of Installer

Due to the fact that all the products for sale within this website are sold on a supply only basis and will be delivered in a self build kit form it is essential to understand that varying degrees of competency will be required in order to achieve a professional finish that you can be proud of.






Whilst garden arches and arbours are easy to assemble on your own with minimal experience many of our larger structures such as the wooden gazebos, summerhouses and log cabins will require at 2 people to assemble and will require a higher level of competency and the ability to work from more detailed drawings and plans.


gazebo framework ready for roof to be installed

marit gazebo part built


If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspects of our products call now on 0844 804 5577 to speak with one our friendly advisors or alternatively email your questions to