Buying Guide


A Guide to Buying Garden Structures Online

If you are thinking about buying a gazebo, log cabin, or summerhouse, it is critical to evaluate the installation implications. 

We recommend that you pay particular attention to the following aspects.

  • Size
  • Design
  • Practicality
  • Location
  • Competency level of the installer



Choosing a size appropriate to your available space is of utmost importance. When space is restricted in your garden, you may have no choice but to select a smaller size, opt for a space-saving design, or customise the structure to fit the available space. 


Will it Fit?

If you need to clarify how one of our products will fit into your space, marking out the footprint on the ground is a great way to check if it will work. This will give you a visual representation of the size and shape, which can help you make an appropriate decision. Please note that when marking out the footprint, you should also include roof overhangs or other elements extending beyond the ground footprint. Although this may take time, it will ensure the structure fits comfortably and functions in your available space.


Is there Enough Room Inside? 

You should ensure enough space is available inside to accommodate its intended use. It's worth considering the internal height and whether it will provide enough headroom. For example, if you plan to use a gazebo to cover a hot tub, you will need adequate clearance above to allow for easy entry and exit.


Do I Need Planning Permission?

Depending on the size, location, and intended use, you may require planning permission. Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for individual customers, as these regulations can vary depending on your location and circumstances. You should speak to your local planning department, which will give you specific guidance based on your location and provide information about any possible restrictions.  


Gazebo used as a hot tub canopy



Choosing the right product to suit your space is essential. Consider the material, colour, style, and any additional features available. It's also worth factoring in your chosen product's durability and maintenance requirements.



It's essential to consider how you will use your chosen product. The key to success is to consider your particular needs and how you plan to use the space, then select a product that will provide the practicality, durability, and value you need to maximise your investment.


gazebo internal space



We recommend you check for underground pipes, cables, or other obstacles impacting construction. You must also ensure the ground is level and has sufficient drainage. In addition to this, we also suggest that you consider the aesthetic and practical aspects. Ask yourself how it might fit into the surrounding area, considering factors such as sunlight, shade, and wind direction.


Competency of Installer

All the products on the website are sold on a supply-only basis and delivered in a self-build kit. Each product will require varying skills and tools to assemble. For example, our garden arches and arbours are easy to assemble with only a few essential tools; however, our wooden gazebos, summerhouses, and log cabins require a higher skillset, more tools and equipment and need you to be able to understand detailed drawings and plans.  


Classico gazebo brown shingles

Grande gazebo self build kit

gazebo framework ready for roof to be installed

marit gazebo part built


Do you Need Help & Advice? 

Here at Gazebo Direct, we provide high-quality products and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns about our products or services, please email or fill in our online enquiry form. Our customer service team will gladly help you with any queries and provide any information you need.