Frequently Asked Questions


What are the gazebos and pergolas made from?

Unless otherwise stated, all our wooden gazebos and pergolas are manufactured using FSC certified pressure treated softwood from sustainable sources.


How are the products finished?

As the products are manufactured from pressure treated timber, the items will be delivered in bare timber finish. Please note that due to the process involved in pressure treating the timber, the items will have a greenish tinge to them. This is normal and will weather down over a period of time. As an alternative and to provide further protection to the wood, they can be painted or stained to the colour of your choice on site.


Are the supplied pre assembled?

Wooden gazebos, pergolas and other garden structures are delivered direct from the manufacturer in a self build kit form and will require home assembly. Full instructions will be provided along with the product ordered.


Which is the right product for me?

Choosing the right garden structure is largely dictated by the size of garden you have and the design you are looking to achieve. Whilst a gazebo will offer great levels of privacy and shade, they require a large amount of space so may not be suited to all spaces. In comparison, a pergola offers a more flexible design and is therefore suited to a wider range of applications. 


How do I best maintain my gazebo or pergola?

Manufactured to the highest standards, our range of garden products are designed to last for many years. With the items constructed from pressure treated timber, you can have the peace of mind of years of protection without the need for maintenance. Should you wish to paint or stain the product from new then it is essential that a fresh coat of paint is applied every few years to prevent it from looking shabby.