Garden Arches

Garden Arches

Create a visually pleasing design statement to your garden using one of these stunning wooden garden arches. Designed to provide a valuable structural addition to pathways, they look simply amazing when combined with climbing plants and suitable planting.

Available in a range of design`s and sizes to suit virtually all applications and requirements.

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Bow Top Wooden Garden Arch

A stylish wooden garden arch constructed from FSC certified pressure treated softwood for increased levels of durability and protection against the elements. Suitable for spanning path`s up to 1.6m wide.


Dimensions - 1.6m (w) x 0.6m (d) x 2.5m (h)

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The Valencia Wooden Garden Arch

With a pitched roof design, the Valencia wooden arch will provide a unique design statement to your garden. Feature`s decorative lattice work for increased aesthetics. Constructed from pressure treated softwood for high levels of protection against the elements.


Dimensions: 1.74m (w) x 0.74m (d) x 2.74m (h)

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The Elite Portico Wooden Garden Arch

Stunning wooden garden arch featuring an attractive lattice work for increased levels of aesthetic`s. Suitable for wider pathways up to 1.9m in width, the arch is constructed using pressure treated softwood for years of protection against the elements.


Dimensions - 2.1m (w) x 1.126m (d) x 2.2m (h)

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The Elite Granville Wooden Garden Arch

Features a strong and robust design, this wooden arch will look stunning installed into a wide variety of locations. Manufactured from FSC pressure treated softwood to provide superior levels of protection against the elements. The arch will span paths up to 1.05m in width.


Dimensions: 1.27m (w) x 0.55m (d) x 2.7m (h) 

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