What to Consider When Buying a Wooden Gazebo?

What to Consider When Buying a Wooden Gazebo?


Adding a stunning wooden gazebo to your garden will serve many purposes, such as providing shade and shelter, an intimate dining area or an outdoor playroom. In addition, when placed in the correct location, a garden gazebo will also offer a stunning focal point to the space that will undoubtedly enhance the overall look of your home. When choosing which is going to be the most appropriate style and design for the space you have available, there will be two routes you can go down. The first is to design and build your structure using timber sourced from a builder`s merchant; however, this is highly time-consuming and requires high skill to finish the structure to a good standard.

The second and far more popular option is to buy a gazebo in a self-build kit. This method of building removes the need for measuring and cutting timber.

Ultimo Wooden Garden Gazebo


Choose the Correct Location

One of the most important factors to consider when erecting this form of garden structure is its position. Get it right, and the space will become a well-used area that offers practicality and convenience. Get it wrong, and you will rarely use the space. For homeowners with extensive gardens, one of the most popular locations is somewhere that offers privacy and the best view of the garden. If privacy is of concern, you can always add a trellis as a screen to stop prying eyes from neighbouring properties. In some instances, it can add to the pavilion's overall design. Alternatively, for smaller gardens, the best position is somewhere that will not overly impact the space, such as a quiet corner.


Octagon Wooden Garden Gazebo


Choose the Size and Design

Modern manufacturing techniques allow self-built wooden gazebos to be made in various designs depending on your preferences, so consider all styles before purchasing. With traditional hexagonal designs popular for period homes and open-sided gazebos popular with modern properties, you can be sure there will be a style suitable for even the smallest spaces and the most discerning of homeowners.


Gainsborough Wooden Garden Gazebo


Selecting the Materials

For optimum protection against the elements, always choose a structure made from tantalised or pressure-treated timber. In addition to this, another level of protecting the structure is to apply a regular coat of stain or paint to the exposed surfaces. In comparison, if you choose a cheaper garden gazebo constructed from untreated softwood, it is essential to be stained or painted yearly to prevent the elements from degrading the timber over time.



Remember, whilst a wooden garden gazebo will provide a great outdoor entertainment space, always consider any restrictions within your garden; otherwise, the money would have been better off spent elsewhere around the home or garden. 


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