Garden Arbours – The Perfect Outdoor Seating Area


When looking at ways of increasing the usability of your garden, one of the most underestimated and undervalued additions is a wooden garden arbour  This is because not only can they create a wonderful focal point to the space but will also serve as a comfortable seating area that will provide a quiet tranquil place to sit and take in the view of the garden.

Depending upon your preferences, we are able to supply a wide range of arbour styles in various sizes that will fit in well with virtually all garden designs so be sure to view our online shop to see our entire product range.

In addition to selecting the design you like, when considering a purchase of this kind, please be sure to take into account some of the below factors that may help influence your purchase.


Balmoral Wooden Arbour   Jaipur Wooden Arbour


Where Will the Arbour be Located?

This will depend upon the size of garden or amount of space you have available. Homes with small gardens may be pretty limited in choice however you should always try to place the structure in a position that still maintains the usability of the rest of the space.

For larger gardens, the choice of positions will be less limited. We find the most popular positions take advantage of any natural views of surrounding country side or where it offers the maximum amount of privacy from neighbours.


Bramble Wooden Garden Arbour   Winchester Wooden Garden Arbour


What Arbour Design Will Work Best?

The arbours we supply are designed to suit a variety of outdoor locations. As such we offer a range of traditional styles and more contemporary designs. The best solution to choosing the style is to draw inspiration from the garden design. Simple gardens will suit an arbour that mirrors that whereas a cottage style garden will be better suited to a style that features decorative lattice work such as the Valencia design.

It is also worth remembering that by painting or staining the structure in a complementary colour you can create a totally individual look.


Which Size of Arbour is the Most Suitable?

Most of the arbours we supply are suitable for 2-3 people to use at the same time however if you feel space may be limited we suggest marking out the size on the floor with a string line and seeing if the design you like is suitable.


Haven Corner Arbour


What Materials is the Arbour Made From?

As with most garden structures,  a wooden garden arbour is designed to be left outdoors throughout the year and as a result take quite a battering from the elements. For this reason, all the timber used in the construction of the arbours we supply will have been pressure treated with a preservative to prevent rotting. In addition to this, for added protection, we also recommend applying a coat of stain or paint to the timber to provide further protection therefore increasing its lifespan somewhat further.


How Much Does a Quality Garden Arbour Cost?

Prices will vary but will generally start at around £200 going up to around £500. Please do not be fooled into buying cheaper structures are these are generally made from thin timbers that do not offer the same strength and durability of the ones on offer from this website.